Letters to Daddy #1

Dear Papa,

This letter may come as a surprise to you, but there is a lot I’ve been thinking about and I wouldn’t even know where to start this conversation with you. Papa, there are some things you need to know:
  • You don’t feed me enough.  I remember you bragging about me last night to your friends Papa. You told them how you were the best provider in town and that you take very good care of your children. Why are you lying papa? You have never fed me a decent meal, and even why I try to tell you this, you don’t listen. You only care about what you friends think of you. Next time you are in the kitchen, please, let me teach you how to cook and make a hearty meal.
  • You can’t make me compete for your love, because I won’t. I don’t like how you keep me and my sisters pitted against each other fighting for the spot of “favourite daughter.” When we spend time together, me and you, I’m the only and favourite daughter, and that’s all that matters to me. Don’t try to play these silly mind games, I took after you remember? I’m immune to the b.s.
  • Dear Papa, I don’t understand why you don’t want me talking to boys. I am a grown woman and I want to experience life and love. You can’t keep me to yourself Papa, I need to spread my wings and find the right man for me but you keep trying to clip my wings.

Well, I thought my list would be longer but that’s all. Please papa, give me good meals, don’t treat me like I’m stupid and let me be my own woman.




Story 1: Mr. PTA’s Son

Meet Kanyari; a young boy in class six. He’s always top of his class, a two-time Debate champion and on top of all of that, his father is a chief member of the PTA. Here’s the problem though, Kanyari has a crazy obsession with the girls in his class. Not just any obsession though, he likes to stand under the stairs during break-time and look up their skirts. Sometimes he’ll even go as far as pulling up girl’s skirts when the mahanjam’s have really shikad…

“Guys, guys! Ebu come and see this. I think Stacey is wearing a g-string!” Whispered Kanyari excitedly to his friends. They huddled together under the staircase as Stacey came down. The boys started howling loudly and pointing at her while one of Kanyari’s boys pulled out a phone and started recording a video. By the time Stacey realized what was happening, it was too late. The poor girl ran down the rest of the staircase holding her skirt together to stop the boys from recording anything else but the video had already captured everything it needed to.

You see, Stacey would always report the boys when they were up to their daily shenanigans of harassing girls in school but with Kanyari- the ring leader- being Mr. PTA’s son and also one of the smartest kids in the school, nothing would ever happen to them. So she decided to keep quiet about the video and not waste her energy reporting the matter. Little did she know that as she was making up her mind to keep silent about the whole fiasco, Kanyari and his boys were busy uploading it on Facebook as payback for her snitching on them all the time.

Stacey’s parents were livid when they found out about the whole thing and demanded a meeting with the principal and Kanyari’s parents. All the kids that were involved were called to the office and told to give their version of what happened. Mr. Kanyari Sr., seeing that his son was obviously in the wrong and would get severe punishment for his actions, excused himself and stepped outside to write a short note for the principal. He tucked it into his pocket diary and went back into the office as the principal was giving the final punishments for the boys. Each one of the boys involved got a suspension, with a permanent stain on their school records.

One by one, the parents and students involved left the principal’s office until it was only Mr. Kanyari Sr. and Kanyari left. “Mr. Kanyari Sr., I’m very sorry about all of this but you know, rules are rules; and they need to be followed,” said the principal. “I understand all that, and I respect very much the work that you are doing here,” replied Mr. Kanyari Sr. “However, I would just like you to consider this one thing,” continued Mr. Kanyari Sr. as he skillfully pulled out the note he had written earlier from his pocket-diary, slid it across the table and let it unfold slowly in front of the principal. “Mhmm, I see. I will reconsider your son’s case Mr. Kanyari Sr., perhaps we can remove this suspension from his record. I mean aside from this... he is a very good boy,” said the principal as he held up the note and inspected it as if it was a cloth in an Ariel commercial. Curious, Kanyari looked closer at the note that had just saved his ass. It read;

“My son 1s a v3ry g00d b0y /=”

Note from writer:

I’m powerful, I have money or maybe I have both. Because of this, I deserve to be treated differently from other people. I deserve special treatment because of who I am and the position I hold in society.

Agree or disagree?


This work is entirely fictional and all names, characters, events, places, incidents have been used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people (living or dead) or actual events in this work is purely coincidental.

Letters to Daddy #1

Dear Papa, This letter may come as a surprise to you, but there is a lot I’ve been thinking about and I wouldn’t even know where to start ...